Awards & Official Selections

Best Fantasy Short Film, Filmquest (USA)
Best Director, Miami Science Fiction Film Festival (USA)
Best Thriller, Euro Film Festival
Platinum Remi Award  Suspense/Thriller, Worldfest (USA)
Best Costume Design, Filmquest (USA)
Best Production Design, Hollywood Short Film Festival (USA)
Best Short Film Almost Famous Film Festival (USA)
Best Audience Short Film Almost Famous Film Festival (USA)
Best Film, Big Soda (USA)
Outstanding Director, Zed Fest (USA)
Outstanding Producer, Zed Fest (USA)
Outstanding Performance, Zed Fest (USA)
Outstanding Drama Featurette, Zed Fest (USA)
Outstanding Period Piece, Zed Fest (USA)
Platinum Award Cinematographer, Filmmakers of the Year (Indonesia)
Golden Award Director, Filmmakers of the Year (Indonesia)
Golden Award Costume Designer, Filmmakers of the Year (Indonesia)
Golden Award Music Director, Filmmakers of the Year (Indonesia)
Accolade Global Film Competition (USA)
Best Director Cinema Monster Film Festival (USA)
Best Costumes, Honorable Mention, Los Angeles Film Review (USA)
Nomination Best Cinematography, Los Angeles Film Review (USA)
Best Sound, Los Angeles Film Review (USA)
Best Music, Los Angeles Film Review (USA)
Best Production Design, Los Angeles Film Review (USA)
Best Short Film, Los Angeles Film Review (USA)
Best Foreign Thriller Indie Gathering International Film Festival (USA)
Best Short Film, Montreal Cinefest (CANADA)
Honorable Mention, International Film Award (GERMANY)
Plata-Silver en Begur Film Festival (SPAIN)
Best Director BATSFF (USA)
Best Sound Design BATSFF(USA)
Best Costume BATSFF(USA)

Official Selections

Filmquest (USA)
Almost Famous Film Festival (USA)
Big Soda (USA)
Zed Fest Film Festival(USA)
Filmmakers of the Year (Indonesia)
Accolade Global Film Competition (USA)
Another Hole in the Head (USA)
Rip Horror Film Festival (USA)
Mississippi International Film Festival (USA)
Fargo Fantastic Film Festival (USA)
Drop Horror (Rusia)
Big As Texas (USA)
Nicaragua International Film Festival (Nicaragua) 
Depth of Field (USA)
Acces Code Short Film Festival (USA)
International Movie Trailer Festival (USA)
Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival (USA)
Albuquerque Film Festival (USA)
Sueños en Corto (Spain)
The Indie Horror film Festival (USA)
International Hollywood Short Film Festival (USA)
El Corto del Año (Spain)
Fright Nights. Horrorant Film Festival (Greece)
Ploiești International Film Festival (Romania)
Euro Film Festival
Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival (USA)
Bare & Bones International Film & Music Festival (USA)
WorldFest (USA)
Milledgeville Film Festival (USA)
Sunscreen Film Festival (USA)
ITS LA Film Festival
Short Film Corner Festival de Cannes (France)
La Noche más larga (Spain) 
Redondela en Curto (Spain)
Paterson Falls Film Festival (USA)
Madrid International Festival (Spain) 
CayFilm Cayman Islands International Film Festival (USA)
International Horror Hotel(USA)
Cinema Monster Film Festival (USA)
Los Angeles Film Review (USA)
Snake Alley Festival of Film (USA)
Festival de Cine en Corto Ciudad de Consuegra (Spain)
Festival de cine de Dos Quebradas CIC (Colombia)
Action on Film International Film Festival (USA)
Hollyshorts (USA)
Indie Gathering International Film Festival (USA)
Montreal Cinefest (CANADA)
Red Dirt International Film Festival (USA) 
Cinetoro (COLOMBIA)
Terror Film Festival (USA)
Begur Film Festival (SPAIN)
Horror Film Fest (USA)
Lake Charles  Film Festival (USA)
Shorts Premiere (Chile)
Filmaker Fest Guide (USA)
La Rioja es de Cine (Spain)
Directors Circle Festival of Shorts (USA)
Bengaluru International Short Film Festival (India)
Trash Film Festival (Croatia)
Kastav Film Festival (Croatia)
Garden State (USA)

They say...
Lizzie Duncan, Horror News

So if you were a fan of American Hustle or City of God, then Hyenas Blood could definitely be one for you. It’s short and sharp, but also fun and quirky.

Linn Grey, LA Film Review

Belying it’s short film genesis, Hyena’s Blood instead plays like a Hollywood blockbuster. The momentum of the film keeps the film moving and the viewer wondering if the train really is going to come off the tracks! ! ! All in all, Hyena’s Blood is a bold, driven, high octane film that pulls no punches. Stylish, dangerous and decadently fun to watch!

Sean Wist, JoBlo

If you have an aversion to blood, boobs or 70s hairstyle, look away!


All in all, Hyena’s Blood is a bold, driven, high octane film that pulls no punches. Stylish, dangerous and decadently fun to watch, director Nicolas Caicoya is a cinematic force to be reckoned with.

José López Pérez, Nosolocine

Pure B-Movie without truce. With Glimpses from Sam Peckinpah to Jim Thompson.

Marco Luca, Film Shortage

This is epic! One of the better trailer's I've ever seen.. including feature films!

HYENA'S BLOOD is one of the most anticipated shorts of the year!

director's statement

Drug trafficking between USA and México is unfortunately recurrent news all over the world. Politicians have told us for decades that the drug crisis was about to be solved...But the truth is quite the opposite: it’s getting worse.

What people don’t know is that trouble with Mexico started during the Second World War, more precisely when Turkey became a Nazi ally, thus cutting America's access to opium. This posed an issue on many levels since morphine, used for medical purposes, is a byproduct of "poppy slash heroine”. However, before the American army ran out of their stock of morphine they established some bilateral agreements with México to become their new supplier. The military went to Mexico and planted the "amapola" fields guaranteeing that they would be destroyed once the war was over. When the conflict was over some of those fields were burned, but not all. One pound of heroin had become much more attractive than one pound of corn. These agreements were kept secret and some historians will even dispute their veracity. The downside of today’s overabundance of information is that we find ourselves negotiating between large volumes of approaches and perspectives to the same problem...and inevitably arguments often ending in deadlocks of meaning impair our capacity to react and act.

This short film is the result of my investigation into an issue that I did not fully understand and that I still grapple with. The only thing I feel comfortable saying is that what we have done so far has been useless. The harder the law hits the more explosive and destructive criminality’s answer is. Perhaps a "war against" is the wrong approach. War is a living organism that differs significantly from ours; unlike the human body it does not decompose over time... It’s an organism that feeds itself with fear, weapons, violence, offshore bank accounts, and tons of pain. War doesn’t know what scientist call “senescence”—or biological aging; war’s DNA will keep on replicating until the end of time if we let it do so. A war against drugs, by virtue of its nature, cannot have an end; it cannot and will not have winners and losers. That’s why this critical situation needs a completely new and much more mindful approach. What we need, in my mind, is a policy that is miles away from the hypotrophy and the myopia that characterizes our current politicians and their solutions to these pressing issues.