Nicolas Caicoya Presents

20th anniversary!

for Kaiserschnitt & WELOVETBWA






I love how positive, affirming, and upbeat this film (& cutdowns) are. Immediately, I just feel in love with the ideas and the concept you have created. It has the potential to be fantastic. I’m really excited about collaborating with you to create a fresh, unexpected, playful, and fun experience for our audience. 


I see a lighthearted, playful and edgy touch running through the film & cutdowns and being this campaign speaking to all our clients we need to use quirky, fun and hype language.

20 years!

Everything should feel inspired by a colorful imagination, where inventive and unexpected things are possible, and the “quirkiness” will be realized with a highly artistic and innovative style.

The film (& cutdowns) should entertain and impress with a fresh and spectacle visual approach and character-centric storytelling.  
There is a lot to discuss here !

Have you ever imagined whats inside Penny's World ?



Unseen direction

My mind has been racing with so many ideas cause these ads are full of visual stimulation. I want to ignite the viewer’s curiosity with a very clear artistic vision! I want to stimulate their senses and create a super fun, energized world going into an unseen direction.



What I want to do is create a colorful, playful mood, with movements and transitions that allow us to go from one situation to another virtually seamlessly.



Let’s dig in and start by framing the process. We have the film & cutdowns  and we need to combine many elements to achieve something uplifting and memorable.

This anniversary must be celebrated in style. 

My goal is to achieve a film, with all its individual pieces included, that marks a before and after. 

The great advantage we have is that our leading  actresses are a well established duo, and they share a special chemistry on-screen. This  has an immediate impact and emotional connection with the viewers. A lovely couple ready to blow out the candles. But only the cake is missing… And I’m in charge of that, mixing the best ingredients: production design, the transitions that will glue the viewer to the chair, the costumes and the music. 

Production design must be amazing. Neither too abstract nor too photorealistic. The important thing is that the message is understood immediately in a smart and fun way to remain engraved on the retina. Handcrafted also comes to my mind.  I like on camera effects, avoiding the use of fake blue screens or other special effect that makes it look cheap when not having time.

I should also mention another fundamental adjective: coherence.  All sets must be similar in conception and execution.  Passing from a red and rich space to a black area, where is portrayed a real piece of meat being sliced would confuse and floor the audience.


Art Direction.

We’ve got you covered

I am very picky with all of this. As you can tell from my work, the art direction gets a lot of my attention. I work closely with you to create the final product, and that starts by generating renders very early in the process. We can discuss those renders and land on something we’re all happy with. Then, what you see in 3D is what you’ll get on set.

On the left you have the RENDERS, on the right the a REAL SCREENSHOT.

The Story.

Red Room - Welcome to 20 years of Supaaaa! Cheap. Penny.

Lisa & Kathi dressed in stylish party outfits enter in the party at the red room.

They stand in front of a photo-call display with Penny logos . 

They smile and pose to the multiple flashes, they pass thru a turnstile revolving gate  (typical of the supermarket entrances) and they start walking down an amazing party set where red and yellow are the main colors. 

A cool band is playing, a hen harvesting her fresh eggs, is on top of the piano enjoying the music.  

Guests are dancing and having fun. Few yellowish/golden painted supermarket carts are standing on turning tables as art pieces.  Here and there can recognize some elegant touches in the environment that recall to a supermarket but revised with colorful and stylish look. (We can have some shapes to recall packages/boxes or cans, bottles but they have to remain abstract so not identifiable for the audience).

Lisa and Kathi enjoy the ambience but one of them discovers a yellow  roundish door with a question mark. Mmmmm. Have you seen that? They both seem very intrigued and curious. 

On a pillar stands a yellow buzzer the two heroines gets close to it .

They press it and… The door opens. Really? Yes! Lisa grabs her friend’s hand, and they run into it.

Really Organic - Where real organic is real cheap.

Once they cross the door, they pull off their dresses changing into completely new outfits.  Now they are barefoot walking in a surreal green meadow. Giant Veggies and Fruits decor a fascinating world. 

They walk around amazed. The hen seen on the piano previously, reaches them, behind the hen few little new born chickens run all over. 

When the Lisa ad Kathi reach the center of the meadow they discover a cool roundish pool full of yellow lemons.

They smile enthusiastically. They are loving this game of discovering Penny’s world!

They jump into the pool after a knowing look. One, two and… Go!

I am Austria - Where one discovers good things from home.

The two ladies now wearing feschen dirndl, land in a stunning set (a diorama) representing an Austrian breathtaking landscape with beautiful mountains and picturesque farmhouses. 

A little table with some cheeses compositions and  fresh fruits  (with IBÖ logo flags) stands nearby a typical cable car (as the Salzberg cable car up to the Hallstatt high valley). 

They enter the cable car which starts moving. On the side door we read the IBÖ logo.

And through the journey of the cablecar our two heroines appreciate the pristine natural Austrian panorama.

Side shot of the Cablecar entering a red & yellow tunnel.

Freshness Heroine - A place to check freshness

… as if it was exiting the tunnel we left in the previous sequence, the slipstreaming of a fast speedster girl enters the frame.

She stops in front of Lisa & Kathi who are standing in front of amazingly designed and colored compositions, of super fresh veggies and fruits, carefully arranged in a supermarket. They all dress in elegant jumpsuits in different colors.

Lisa is holding a green  apple and Kathi has a pomegranate (TBD) in her hand.

They are standing still while the “freshness Heroine” , racing at her super incredible speeds around them, exchanges with fresh fruits what the two ladies were holding.   

They both look each other astonished and they break into a laugh looking at their hairstyle being frozen as blown from the wind. 

Here we will have Lisa and Kathi shot in slow motion (100 fps) mixed with the freshness Heroine at high speed (10 fps).

They press the yellow buzzer that slides in front of them on a stand. The camera turns around the girls and…


Meat - Where you can get meat from a professional.

…a blacklimousine with red and yellow touches pulls up and stops in front of a red carpet. 

A butcher steps out. Our heroine couple, pulls off their outfits and with a match cut we reveal they are wearing their party outfit, reach the press photographers and fans that are surrounding the butcher who is happily signing autographs on meat trays.

A cool table slides in frame and stops in front of the butcher, the placement it’s properly lighted from above.

On the surface of the table a mouthwatering cut of meat ad some spices.

The butcher’ show starts.  

Our stunned ladies are watching him juggling a dozen knives in slow motion.  

The girls clap frantically, when they close their eyes you can read declarations of love written on their eyelids. 

When the butcher finishes he reveals us a meat dish (for example a nicely marbled loin steak ) and places a small Austrian flag on top. Suddenly the theatre lights point at the girls and we use it as a transition to the next set.

Red Room - Discover what is inside Penny.

People cheers with enthusiasm their return.

They look like stars from a Hollywood dance musical dressed  with cool outfits fulfilled of golden circles recalling the Jö cards.

The party reaches its peak. The two girls looks at each other and press another yellow buzzer which stands on a side pillar in the room.

Suddenly a cascade of dazzling glittering (yellow/goldish and red) confetti fall from the ceiling raising the excitement of the guests who cheers and dance. 

Everyone cheers as they dance.  They look at us and wink.

Cut downs.

Using the yellow buzzer could be a fun element to start the cut down edits. 

When pressing it we can enter any “room”we want because we have already established its “capacities” during the main film. 

Let’s just say it’s a pretty flexible tool. Our girls just need to press the buzzer and we enter in one of the worlds. 

We enjoy it with them and when the transition to the next world starts, we cut. this suspense peak will be very useful.

Note about Value for Money.

We will adapt the red room for this purpose changing props and art.

La la la!


The Music will play a huge role in setting up the tone of the films and add rhythm to what we see. 

 I have already tried to create a soundtrack with differences in between worlds and from my experience it doesn’t work because it is too confusing. Is better to have same music all along the spot and try some subtle instrument changes here and there.

Wherever we land, the music should reinforce the spirit of the spots, and provide a tempo and strength that will draw us in and move us forward. I see the music as being very contemporary , as per the images, with an energetic and catchy vibe.

I do always try several and very different options during the edit so together we can find the right reference for our musician to compose.


I’m very excited about this PENNY project.


I hope you know by now, the art direction and visual style as a whole are both very important to me, and that importance reflects well in my body of work.
I look forward to discussing my ideas in more detail and collaborating further with you going forward.


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