Scratch the Ride!

Treatment by Nicolas Caicoya©


Let me start by saying that these are exactly the kind of films that my team and I enjoy the most because it allows us to combine craft and narration into one beautiful piece of visual content.

What I want to do here is to give you a strong and very concrete option in terms of how we can bring these films to the screen and make each moment count towards each “scratch card” message that we need to deliver.

We need to create a visual “choreography” among our characters moving between different sets in order to have a fluid dynamic language of camera movements and shooting interesting visual transitions. We will elegantly balance surreal elements with an upscale, stunning art direction.


The world we are protraying will be different from what we are used to seeing in commercials. A definitely fresh look that will stand out above the rest.


It will be such a charming experience for the viewer, that they will love to watch it over and over again. Yes dopamine through their veins... sorry, I meant eyes!


Yeah! Lot´s of fun in our journey through the uniqueness of the amazing scratch world built with different and unique spaces, each with its own personality.


So cool, so refreshing, so invigorating, so uplifting that we will all run to buy ΣΚΡΑΤΣ!

General Mood

Meet Yiannis

1- It’s a wonderful day. Yiannis is having a coffee on a cafe terrace. On the table, next to his coffee is lying a brand new Scratch card.
As he rubs off the paint on the ticket our camera starts descending underneath the table, through the hole created by scratched off layer, we’ll  focus on his face and the change of his expression.

I think could be cool to dress with few tables (as an outdoor cafe) a space just in the exterior of our stage, this would avoid company moves that -due to time issues- we can not achieve.
If the outdoor bar situation is not liked we can even think to have the hero seated on a street bench or nearby some tree… but location and ideas can be locked once we know where we shoot.

The Story

Remember: removing or changing transitions, adding new ones... Is always possible and fun!


2- Why? This will reinforce the focus on the product and, through the hole created by scratched off layer, we’ll focus on his face and the change of his expression.


3- We cut back to the scene. Suddenly all the tables and the people seated around him slide away while a wall arise inscribing Yiannis in a new space. With this quirky walls set movement Yiannis has now entered the magical world of SCRATCH.

Diamonds are
a (girl) boy
best friend!

A New World

4- Yiannis turns around and discovers an amazing new world while his outfit changes.  He walks down a mirror staircase embedded in a mountain of diamonds’ fragments..

The Diamond

5- The set has beautiful geometric flooring tiles and a giant diamond  in the center. Inside the diamond we see several 7 Diamonds Scratch cards floating.

Inside The Diamond

6- From inside the diamond we see his face. Its like a Kaleidoscope. He smiles to us.


7- Suddenly, the diamond explodes in confetti, leading us to the next scene.

Meet Alice

8- We are now in a new stylized space where it’s inscribed an oversized Alice surrounded by monochromatic cat sculptures.

Alice holds in her hand a Lucky Cat Scratch card on which are shown the winning icons.

Finding the way out

9-  Still holding the winning ticket she stands up and the higher part of her body disappears into a hole in the room’s ceiling. The camera follows her and pass the ceiling with a cool movement.

Alice in Wondercat

10- She appears now into the room over the ceiling which is the “giant cat” scenario. The cat is not standing on the ground but it’s laying upside down on the ceiling!  Alice caresses the cat and then she moves into the fireplace and disappear.

Meet Eleni

11- In another room a cupboard’s door will open and a new character -Eleni- appears. She moves towards the camera, from a circular hole in the wall a hand holds her a scratch card showing her the lucky numbers icons.
She grabs it and she starts jumping on the green grass. (Hidden below the grass’ surface are positioned several circular trampolines in different sizes which allow her to jump high).

The Floating number's corridor

12- We follow her in her amazing jumping race through a cool corridor where different lucky numbers (1, 7 and 10) are floating weightless. She enjoys touching them while jumping. They react bouncing in funny ways.

The Floating number's corridor

13- Taking advantage of her last jump, Eleni lands on a wall where there is a ladder. She starts climbing up the ladder to reach the door but the scene it’s a trompe l’oeil. The camera turns 90 degrees… In reality everything is happening on the floor and when she opens the door, she falls through the doorway.

Meet Maria

14- But it is not Eleni landing on a new set, but Maria in a lovely space full of giant cherrys.


15- She walks around and moves closer to a mirror. Instead of her reflexion we the mirror reflects Yiannis. But not only one image of him it’s reflected but rather multiple images of him are reflected in the mirror… A cool droste effect happens.


Back to Real Life

16- At once all of the images of Yiannis fade into one. The walls of the room fall down (with a reverse movement of the one at the very beginning of the film) and we are back to the street’s cafe where the story started.

17- The man carefully inspects his scratch off ticket to ensure that he has indeed won and begins celebrating. As he is happily celebrating he looks straight to the camera and winks at us.

18. Super.


22-In a top shot on a det designed in a spiral, the gifts will appear popping up while our camera rotates.

The Gifts

Blow The Bank

A cool stylish man, dressed in a tailored suit enters a room which decors reflect the purple and golden tones of the Blow The bank scratch card.

His face expression commands attention from the first frame, he is self-confident and ready to break the rules.

We follow him from the back with a strong, dynamic and cinematographic camera movement.
With him in this room, only few and selected cool people are attending this exclusive event. All are highly and stylish dressed.

In the room decor elements evoke an abstract casino’s atmosphere. Golden crowns lights are hanging from the ceiling.

Our hero seats at a gaming table where the gambling play mat has the colors and patterns of the “Blow the bank” scratch card.

On the play mat table stands a cool card castle done with scratch cards. He grabs one of the scratch cards.

Suddenly he locks eyes with a pretty waiter girl who hands him a customized chip from her tray full of chips.

He starts to rub off his ticket while the other people move to his table and watch enraptured what is going on.

He ends scratching his card and he wins, he is happily astonished and starts celebrating instantly claiming everybody’s attention… Oohs and ahas lifting from this very fashionable audience.


Winner Boxes

The Big Winner


To get a wow effect in this film I m aiming to build a moving set where walls are sliding on the side of the frame and the room is enlarging around our hero “big winner”.

The reference you can see here below is a TVC of mine where I shot all in camera and set walls where sliding for real (I edited it reverse cause he was actually shrinking the room…).


I envision a quite small set where our character is rubbing off his scratch card. Suddenly, as he gains, the walls of the room widens while our super excited hero celebrates. While the space is enlarging more key visual elements – all related to the scratch cards icons- appear.

I also imagine the hero to be moving in the room performing all kinds of fun and cool dance steps to add a special touch to the film.

I think it’s important to portray the product in a cool and original way and to add the WOW effect.

The ending chart will then be portraying the winning “week” scratch card and the all the titles related.

Many Winners

The films opens on a stylized room where our hero woman is scratching off a card. Her eyes wide open bulging with surprise and astonishment, she starts pirouetting.

The camera tracks in the box in which she is inscribed in and crosses the wall.

The camera gets to a second box – which set design and color will be referred to another scratch card’s design.

In this box we focus on a character holding a scratch card, he just won and he is celebrating dancing around the room.

Camera proceed its movement- a smooth and constant track in- and we portray another room and another character celebrating….

In this TVC we have to showcase several boxes representing our scratch cards and their iconic elements (big cat, cherries, crowns, numbers, diamonds…)

Personally I really love the cool continuous movement passing from a “box” to the other.

Least but not last, I’m planning to shot a frontal frame of the scenes so they can also be used in other platforms or be composed as per the cubic image below.


In my films, especially those made in studio with scenographic elements and choreography, I always try to marry energy with visual elegance. It may seem an obvious thing, but the general perception is that these kinds of films must hammer us with colors, shapes, transitions, and eye popping effects.


The truth is that a film can telegraph its energy (and message) while remaining very essential and visually curated. And this is precisely what our concepts require of us, a refined direction and set design that combine in a smart way camera moves and actions that help us create a lively, fluid and unique-looking narrative.


What I want to do is create a colorful, playful mood, with movements and transitions that allow us to move from one environment to another .


Ours will be beautifully designed sets with a theatrical taste, with details that catch the eye and invite our viewers to watch the commercial several times, always finding something new. As they say... Evil is in the detail.

Color palette

The references you’ll find in this treatment will give you an idea of what I have in mind. One thing that I’ll pay great attention to, is creating the right color palette following the scratch card tonalities. We’ll be careful to differentiate in a smart and easy-to-read way the different “worlds” with a dominant color so that it’s instantly clear that we are progressing through different situations.

We’ve got you covered

With our approach to movie making  you can seat and relax, because:  What you see is what you get.

On the left you have the RENDERS, on the right the a REAL SCREENSHOT.


Music is a key element that will allow us to set the atmosphere and style of the film. To be honest, it represents 50% of it. We need a track that gives energy and dynamism to the spot, a piece that entices the viewer to see the film over and over again. If people start asking and downloading, we are in the right track… 

I have been working in two directions: a modern and a classic one. Later on, the edit will help us to see which one works better.


Our styling will work with the palette of brand colors.
My goal here is to use wardrobe and accessories to give each character personality and make them as memorable as possible. It’s a fine balance between choosing colors, materials, and shapes that have lots of visual interest. We’ll keep things stylish, playing on complementary and contrasting colors that will add liveliness to the people and the situation we are in. Every element is well curated and thought out, playful and elegant at once.


I feel the film will get on a higher level if we use professional dancer, with amazing dancing skills. Our talent doesn’t have to be overly polished or extremely good looking, instead we’ll be on the lookout for charismatic protagonists, imperfectly beautiful people who have personality and the ability to be in the moment and capture our viewers’ attention in a very immediate way.
What is important to me is that our actors have the ability to bring each moment to life by infusing them with humanity even though we’ll obviously be in a studio.
Our priority will be to look for faces that can populate the film in a memorable way

Is time to say...
Hasta la Vista

Thank you for taking the time to read these preliminary thoughts. It was great to start thinking about how we can bring this film to life in a genuinely mesmerizing way and give it that extra something that will wow the audience. I look forward to your thoughts and to continuing this creative conversation together!

Waiting to hear back from you...